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I hate myself

I genuinely hate myself and I can’t stop it. I got laughed at when I went out in public and sometimes at school. I hate my hair, my face, my body, and my face. I wish to have a proportional face and not be fat. One time, I went to McDonald’s with my mom and my brother. As we were eating, a family across from me started to laugh at my hair and point at me. When we went back into the car and I told my mom, she told me not to worry about them and if she saw them doing that she would’ve yelled at them. Even after she said that to me, it didn’t matter, I’ve already been scarred and start to cry. At school some older girls had started to laugh at me and my hair. I became so self conscious and scarred to even go out in public. I don’t wanna feel like this anymore and it’s affecting my relationships with people and it’s affecting my mental and physical health. I cry about it almost everyday now and I stopped taking care of myself. I’m not sure if it’s some type of teenage faze that everyone goes through, but this can’t affect me when I’m an adult. I just wanna feel happy again but I don’t know how to.

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Re: I hate myself

people who make fun of others appearances are not happy with themselves. I’ve had friends who have done this and even though they were Young doing this there actions and what they told me let’s me knows they had a lot of self hate inside them. A decent person who is content with themselves would never look at something someone else had that they might not like and tease them about it. It shows they’re ashamed of what they hate about themselves. It’s hard to believe someone who you know know and never met but please try to, you hair is beautiful. Don’t let anyone make you feel horrible about yourself you don’t deserve that. I can tell you’re a loving person who just wants to be happy and someone who’s wants to be happy not at the expense of anyone else deserves everything good life as to offer and I hope to god you get that one day.