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i hate myself

i want my mom. she is coming home later today, but i want her now. i need her to hold me and tell me everything will be ok. i think i might have adhd and/or some form of autism and that is why i don't perform well. but i just want my mommy right now. my head hurts and my brain is constantly racing with all kinds of thoughts, good to bad, and it hurts. i just wanna sleep easily, wake up in the morning, eat healthy and get good grades, but because i'm stupid and dysfunctional, i can't.

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Re: i hate myself

You are not stupid or dysfunctional! That's not you ... You are not that person ! You simply need a time out .

The pressure on yourself is too much ..

Remember.. a step at a time please

I'm sure by now your mum is back , get into her arms and hold her closely .. enjoy the closure like you're not promised tomorrow. Take a goddamn break and then resume when you feel ok!

Reach out to me please ! If you wanna ! Be good