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I hate myself

Genuinely. I hate that I'm sensitive, that I look the way I do, that I have the personality I do. I just want to be someone different altogether. Someone who won't fuck everything up. I fucking can't stress this enough, I would like to reinvent myself to the point where what little friends I have would be unable to recognize me. I can't fucking find any other way to vent so I guess anonymously online is fucking fine. Nobody will read this shit. I don't want pity, I don't want help. I just want to change, something I seem unable to do. Screw this fucking planet. This shithole designed to fuck you mentally with 12 inches of rebar every time you fuck up.

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Re: I hate myself

Bro, hit gym and aim high career wise.. I was exactly like you but can happily say I am very happy with how people see me and more importantly how I see myself.



Hi!! How are you? I hope you are better despite all this, if you need to talk please talk to me on my instagram: @puppiio

It is not ok that you think those things but the truth is I understand that you are feeling that way, I sincerely want and I am willing to help you in everything you need, do not hesitate to talk to me please

everything will b fine <3