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I hate myself, TW: Su!c!de

I am a 13 year old female and I'm tried of fighting I'm tried of being yelled at because I'm different. I've been slapped because I said jesus christ and my moms Christian I've been yelled at as I have a mental breakdown. I want to run away I want to kill myself. I'm on medication and I still and depressed. And what do I do when I say to leave me alone or not to touch me? I get screamed at, slapped, etc. Me and my mom got in an argument and I said I wanted her to leave me alone she has now decided to leave me to rot basically, she doesn't care what I do, she'll not wake me for school anymore because alarms cant wake me. And I dont have the right mindset to apologize because right now I hate her and I'm most likely going to run away once my phone hits 100, it's been fun but not enough for me to stay here.

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Re: I hate myself, TW:Su!c!de

You say your on medication? Well, its not working. You need to see your counsler abd tell them that.

One pill not work the same for 2 people. And its our job to tell the doctor if it works or not to get something diffrent. Because if its not making life better then its doing more harm then good.

Talk to ur doctor. Your mom. Your school teacher. The darn pharmasi

st. Somebody

Life will not always be like this.it will get better i promise