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I hate poly people

  • I hate poly relationship and I hate poly people. Fuck you. My ex left me because I don't want poly relationship. You are the worst ex and I hope your next relationship fail and you die. I really wish you just die. I gave you my love and it wasn't enough for you so you just have to fuck another girl and that's your sexuality. No that's not a sexuality you dumb fuck. Polyamory is not sexuality or identity. You just used me and throw me away just you want your confidence back. You are the worst and I will never forgive you what you done to me. I hope you get hiv and std

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Re: I hate poly people

hey!!! Don’t take out your anger to all poly people. That is just their preference. I know you are beyond angry but just know that you deserve someone better. Polyamory is not about just “fucking some other girl” it can be more than that. It can be actual relationships. Sometimes people just like to switch it up and have multiple partners and there is nothing wrong with that or them as an individual. We are all different and we all have our preferences. IT IS A SEXUALITY BY THE WAY. Please educate yourself before criticizing others. Do not put polyamorous people into one box because of one person. I hope your anger goes away.