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I hate sleeping

(this can be a little disturbing) ..more like I'm scared of falling asleep cause I have bad dreams everytime...

I have lots of nightmares where I'm killing and hurting people and it's driving me crazy

Idk if you guys have this too but you know that feeling when you are dreaming that your eating a delicious dessert and then you wake up feeling its taste?

Its a really good feeling when it's about desserts but

All my dreams are like this, they are really difficult to distinguish from reality

I've dreamed with people being tortured and I had to watch it, and if I didn't they would torture me too

I wake up feeling like trash because I could have helped but I was a coward

I tried talking to some really close friends about this but they just laughed and said bad things

I've dreamed that I was stabbing some people and I woke up feeling so... I dont even know... It was as if I knew what felt like to stab someone and feel their blood on me

I've dreamed that I had to shot people, that I had to carry corpses... just to name a little

I dont know why I dream about this kind of things but I'm scared and feel like I cant talk to anyone about this because no one takes me seriously... I'm terrified...

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Re: I hate sleeping

I have dreams 90% of the time of me killing myself or someone trying to hurt me. I sometimes an afraid to sleep because of that .

I also have a lot of dreams of people around me I love dying. /:

I haven’t had reoccurring dreams of killing others though, but I can semi relate to you.