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i hate small towns

From a young age I’ve always been weird, I was on army amino in 2015 if they gives you any idea of how weird I was, I would obviously roleplay cause that’s what you do on aminos. I have been questioning my sexuality for literally years, so long that when I was six I asked my mom was is it bad to like girls and my mother told me that it was a sin to be a F word, so I started crying and I think that that made me so traumatized that I’m denying my own sexuality, I’m denying that I find women attractive. I can admit I find them attractive but growing up in such a conservative, trump supporting town who bullies people simply for being different has caused me to find having sexual advances with women displeasurable because I feel as though I’ll be looked at as a joke or someone they can make fun of. I care more about others opinions then my own and it’s slowly killing me:( I want to move away from here