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I hate this

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The first time I got sexually harassed was when I was 7, it was an elderly man touching and speaking sexually to me after my swimming class.

My old girl classmates always complemented my body and what they would do to get a body like mine, and I have it so easy because I have such a great body.

My mother is jealous of my body, she makes sure I know that by telling me every time she has the chance to.

I hate having my body, it's not all rainbows and sparkles like everyone around me makes it to be.

Every time I go outside I get comments made by men 3 or 4 times my age like how fuckable I am, how they will fuck me so hard it will make me forget all my worries and put a smile on my face, how they want to take me home and make me their sex slave.

I'm teenager, this shouldn't be a thing.

I am so fucking tired, I feel so dirty,

I just want all of this to stop, please.