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I hate this post, I hate my use of words. You don't have to say it, I get it

This is going to look like just another teen depression post to you. I lost all of my hopes and motivation to whatever things in my life. I want too many things, only realizing now I can have none of those things. I want to explain my life to you all so that I can vent, so that I can leave a trace of my life in someone else's brain, but I'm so tired of explaining. I am not smart, nor funny, nor pretty, nor hard working. I have no friends, no lover, I have old parents who probably would be dead by the time I have a job. I have an outrovert soul but I have no social skills at all. I want to immigrate to the US but I am supposed to love my country. I want to have a life like all the people I see online, but I've never even went to a bar/party/karaoke. I can't get anything in my life. What's the point anymore. No one is going to help me with these problems because everyone else got their own to worry about. Why am I even writing this. There's nothing anymore. I know everything is on me. I know I have to work hard in order to achieve. I know I'm immature. I know I sound like a child. I know everything that is wrong with me. Do you think you know me? Do I want you to know me? Do I want to be you? Can I be you?

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Re: I hate this post, I hate my use of words. You don't have to say it, I get it

I am so glad that you let your feelings to reach others people no matter if they are negative or positive thoughts!

This is the first step for a better life

Now please try to focus more on you and the things you like to do!!!!

You`re not supid and you dont need to look like a model we are almost 8 bilion people on this planet so maybe alot of us have the same problem.

Try to go out and make new friends,you only need one good friend and your life will have more sense.

I hope you don`t do nothing reckless.

Have a good day!

I am here to listen to you.. I totally get you. I get it that you're alone, but you know what maybe it's the path that god chose for you for now so that you can learn and be stronger.. life deals differently with different people.. I know sometimes the universe chooses only certain people to punish and if you're one of them then be stronger.... I know it's not fair.. but you gotta be strong than you're right now because if you're not brave enough life will swallow you up and you'll die weak, which nobody ever wants...

And the reason why you think that you are neither funny, hard working nor smart, is most probably because you're sad, you don't have the motivation to do things.. you're alone and sad that's why you think you're not funny , because you are not happy!

And you know we all want a life like people we see online. But I've learnt to accept that you cannot always have all the things you desire in your life..

So find the motive to do things because if you don't have any purpose or you don't have that determination you will never be able to have the things you want (and which you can actually get if you try with a positive mind) and then you'll continue getting sad that you can do nothing, when you can do anything, you just have to find a reason to do it and the determination..

I know it all seems very easy to write when in the contrary these things are very difficult to implement in the real world. But still you have to find the hope...

One day god will definitely treat you with the right person. I know life may not be on the track right now but everything will fall in place sooner or later..

And the bitter truth is no one is going to help us because in reality we all are alone in our journey... You might think that people with friends and lovers have someone to help them through tough times but the reality is WE ARE ALL ALONE.. yes the problems may seem less haunting and life may seem easy with loved ones even with major problems and sadness, I agree... yet at the end of the day we have to take our own decisions, we have to decide and plan our own path...

And it's okay to be unsure of yourself as long as you are willing to do things with a positive mind...

You'll never be able to do things right with a hopeless mind and you would always achieve something if you try wholeheartedly ..

Hardship comes in everyone's way, its totally upon us how we deal with that, i guess you are a boy ... And brother lemme tell you that you are still blessed and having far better life millions of people, PLEASE DON'T COMPRE YOURSELF WITH SOCIAL MEDIA (Instagrm/Facebook) what people post their is all their achievements, their good pictures, they won't post their failures neither they will post those pictures without filter or any pic in which they may not look good, so don't ever compare yourself with social media, use it but be mature enough to understand things.... Be more realistic and try finding happiness... And in my opinion finding happiness is damn easy .... Just observe your surroundings and help those People who are in need guneinly ., Help them and honestly you will feel better, be more humble, and you find loveđź–¤

This is just my opinion, i hope you find peace