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I Hate what i did

I Hate what i did

So iam a 15 year old, english Is not my primary Language so sorry if i Made spelling mistakes, but i really need ti take this off my mind.

This whole week has been really hard for me and the urges to wacht porn Have Gone up even tho im on nofap, today was awfull and i ended up waching porn, at the start it was normal but By going to skechy sites and typing "teen" and so, i ended up being redirected to Cp, i wacht it out of me being horny, the girls look like 15-16 so i didnt think about it, until i decided to scroll, and i saw actual kids un there, i closed the site and deleted my caché,but im afraid and been literary shaking for the past hour, i dont know if i can get un trouble, and i really Hate myself for this, im sorry, i did not intend initially on finding this site, but i stayed, and i Hate myself for that.

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Re: I Hate what i did

Ummmm I don’t think your gonna get in trouble coz your only 15 it would be worse if you were over 18 coz then it’s like you knew what you were doing. Maybe next time just try not to go one any dodgy sites coz some of the stuff you can find on the internet is scary. Just stick to porn hub where everyone one is at legal age, Coz that shits fucked up. Or if you can’t go to porn hub check the sites description. All sites should have a description stating that everyone in the videos are at a legal age of concent. X