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"I Hate You Sometimes"

A poem to someone I can't say it to....

I really hate you sometimes.

You expect so much from me and I deliver, but I get tired. Exhausted.

Then I start to falter, or forget, not work at my best.

You have the nerve to complain about me, or you're too stupid to realize I'm only human.

Either way, it shows you don't care.

I hate being with someone who doesn't care.

And I hate it always coming back to this: thinking if I want to stay with you or not. Im tired of warning you.

And I'm tired of telling you to grow up.

I'm tired of waiting for you to be better and counting on you to be better than you were yesterday.

I really hate you sometimes.

Just shut up, I can't stand hearing the next stupid thing that's going to come from your mouth.

You "need your sleep?" Why the hell do you stay up all night playing video games? When I need your help, it's "I need my sleep."

Shut up.

Your words mean less and less because you can't keep up with your own bullshit:"I do care about you."

I hate you sometimes. It's your fault I don't believe you anymore.

I hate you sometimes, but you'll still sleep like a baby.

I work hard to fall asleep.

I used to not know what hate felt like at all.

It's your fault I hated all the time after you treated me horribly.

Now, I hate every now and then.

I hate you sometimes.

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Re: "I Hate You Sometimes"

I hope you're able to express these feelings to your partner

If maybe in your own rightful place, you get to decide whether

you'll end your relationship completely or remain just as friends.

Maybe you need another person that will reciprocate your feelings of caring

Or maybe you need time to pour out your love onto yourself rather than another.

Wish all the best to ya!

Wow. Guess u needed to vent.

Hope you feel better.

You know your going to have to tell this person how you feel. Because they can already feel like something is wrong