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i hateee

as i grow relationships with my parents become more and more toxic time to time

i have a little belly and i swear to god they remind me about that minimum 3 times a day. not only mom and dad but my grandmothers too.

i swear every day i listen to this words “lose some weight”. last year i struggled with eating and lost a lot of weight but when i started to feel better i gained it again but started to workout, i finally accepted myself the way i am BUT they just broke my confidence that i built FOR A YEAR into million pieces.

i cant be in my phone cuz mom asks who i am texting to do whenever i am near them i dont text just watch some videos or smth else.

because of them i didn’t really had friends i dont know whats normal teenager does.

they are talking about something i try to suggest my opinion they tell me i don’t understand and i am too naive. and when i dont tell anything they will be like “ you are a useless always on your phone not even creative.”

mom can literally yell at me for no reason then blame me for smth i didnt do.

i ask her something but she is too busy on her phone.

i cant express myself with my clothes a lot

cant wear crop tops

because of that insecurities i literally stopped buying jeans

they literally yell at me cuz 90% of mt clothes are black

and have a hope like once i turn 18 (17now) it will change but no it wont i am sure.

i tell them marriage isnt my priority they refuse to listen

i already chose what i want to be i started to working on that i dont have time for anything else and there we go “ you dont do anything helpful “

with this all i am an artist imagine how hard it is for me

i am not diagnosed but i think i might have depression or long lasting sadness idk

i lost every interest years ago . i found one and they killed that.

i cant tell them why i am sad cuz i tried and they didn’t understand

grandma told them i might have problems with mental but she made it too extra

and they were the opposite didnt care at all