I have a problem...romantically

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For as long as I can remember most of the guys I have liked in the pass I didn't know them. What I mean by that is I would get flustered and run away from them. I know now that the reason I liked them is because I didn't like them for who they are I liked them based on the fantasy I made up in my head about them. I liked a guy for two years because of this dilemma. Anyways because of this it has stopped me from see the guys that actually like me, and take the time to get to know me. One guy who was a guy best friend told my mom that he was my future son in law. Another guy who I literally have baby pics with, told a kid that I was his girlfriend and both times I stood there like an idiot in shock and just ignored it. That's not all they did that's just the most obvious examples I remember. I need advice I can't continue this in the future.