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I have a question.

Hi, i'm a preteen and I'd like to ask something: am I lazy? My mom calls me (and my three other siblings lazy) and it makes me mad.

See, my mom calls me to her room frequently. The only reason why she calls me is so I could get her something. Most of the times she calls me, she wants me to get something that is in the same room as her. I always have an attitude bc she is making me do something I don't wanna do. When she sees that I have an attitude, she yells at me bc I don't want to do what she told me to do. It's not that I don't listen to her, it's just that she makes me do simple things that she has the ability to do. I then got yelled at today for not cleaning my room on time, she even called me lazy. So now I have that in my mind: am I lazy?

I might not be considered lazy (in my opinion) bc whenever I do something for her and have an attitude, she says "Why do you have an attitude? I don't care about how you feel. Don't get an attitude just because I called you". After, she says "thank you". But that "thank you" is empty because she doesn't care how I feel and doesn't care about the fact that she's making me do something I don't wanna do. I could be in the middle of sleeping, she wouldn't care. I could be in a chill mood and have it ruined bc my mom doesn't want to stand up to get herself a bag of chips from on her desk. Thus, she doesn't appreciate my effort.

Another thing is that she never rewards me or my siblings. I took algebra in seventh grade and it was my hardest class. My Chinese class was easier than that. I work my butt off to get an A in that class. All I get from that is a "good job". I worked EXTREMELY hard to get only a "good job". Everyday, me and my siblings clean the house. We tell her and she says "okay". We cleaned the whole house to get an "okay". None of us (me and my siblings) get an allowance. I don't ask my mom for money because I feel she is gonna yell at me for no reason. And she doesn't have a job either (she has arthritis). So when she tells me to do something, I feel like there is no reason to because it isn't benefiting me and she isn't rewarding my actions for doing what I was told.

So: am I lazy?

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Re: I have a question.

You are not lazy sweet heart, mother's can be like that especially at your age she expects you to do those little tasks for her it's just a phase. Please do it for her happily anytime it will teach you to be responsible and more dependent and trust me some day you will just sit down and laugh at those moments, always show her love her love cause I know she loves you.

Obviously your momma be lazy. Pretty soon you will be fetching beer for her. Has she asked you to scratch her chin yet? You could go and get pregnant then be like you bitch I have a kid to take care of how bout you itch your own fucking chin. Can I sniff the little cotton spot on your little panties?