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I have dark thoughts

Sometimes I just want to beat a woman. Slap one as hard I could and take her to the ground with full brute force, man handle her if you will, .Where I press my thumbs in her eyes till they bleed and then choke her while i bash her head on the floor till her skull cracks open. It's a hate filled fantasy that has never happened. Just the rush I get from just thinking about is...exciting.

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Re: I have dark thoughts

i think you should see a therapist and tell them about what you are feeling. seeing someone and talking to them can possibly help you and hopefully prevent you from doing something harmful to someone. i think you need help from a medical professional because if you do give in to your temptations than you could be arrested.

In the past, i'm also got that thougt. I want to kill them and say something really cruel to relieve my hate to them. That fantasy was really exciting and i almost really tried to kill them with knife. But, i knew thats wrong. I'm end up just holding the knife and put it back. I tried really hard to erase that thougt and did something to made busy all day in positive way.