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I have D.I.D (Disociative Identity Disorder.)

My name is James Shipley and I have D.I.D better known as Disociative Identity Disorder. I have a total of 10 different personalities. I"ve been diagnosed with this disorder ever sense I was a small child. 9 of my altars are ok to talk to except one. My altars do not hurt other people they stop other people from hurting me. They focus on one mission to protect me at all cost. The one altar I was talking about is an alter that feeds off my anger and the more of my anger it feeds the stronger it gets. The altar is known to have the streath of more then ten men and feels no remorse, no pity, and no fear. And will not stop until it feels that I am protected. My altars don't kill they will however make sure that no one harms or inflict bodily harm upon me. You never have to be afraid to say hi to me when you see me. Shake my hand and like I'm am a normal person. My altars to not intentionally come out to hurt anyone as I said before threatening me or attempted bodily hard upon me and watch out. I want to say to others like me that have D.I.D that you are not alone and I'm here if you want to chat.

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Re: I have D.I.D (Disociative Identity Disorder.)

Am I bad for wishing to have a D.I.D so that someone can protect me who's always by my side? In other people's eyes I'm strong and mean but I'm really not. I always cry when I'm alone, before going to sleep and I'm always a mess. I feel bad for wishing to have D.I.D just because I'm weak.