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I have no friends anymore.

 I was in a military school and had lots of cool people to talk to and when I left we had to separate ways and now I'm always alone dwelling on bad thoughts and miss how happy I was with those friends I had. People loved me there and now it's like I don't exist. I'm a pc gamer and it depresses me seeing these people playing games with each other having fun while I'm sitting here in silence. I've tried finding friends but the criteria doesn't match what I want in a friend. I want someone who is funny and positive and has energy. I've come across people who constantly joke about suicide and depression and even say the N-word and think its funny. I'm trying to find someone who matches what I want. Any idea of how I can find some good PC Gaming friends? 

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Re: I have no friends anymore.

Maybe you can just look out for someone whi streams a lot of games or you can just make some friends who can learn from you.... Because basically it is about making a friend who is ready to do all the things with you and making new damn memories..... Not about their being gamer or not.... And also well there is a game called "Fall guys" that has been pretty popular among gamers..... Maybe you can try that too and see if you can make some friends..... Or play some online games and maybe you can start talking to some gamers who are good at it..... I would have loved to be friends but i am not good at gaming altho people do call me crazy because of my weird funny personality..... But i am not a gamer and i can't play games as i am bed ridden.. Hope you find some good friends well here we write anonymously.... But maybe we can try to find some cool streamers.... And btw i am Blair and this is my insta @the.psycho.bitch if you may need any kind of help with getting some streamers. As they play with randoms too and they can help a lot too.....