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I have two faced Faking best friends

So I have these two best friends and I told them separately that I am bisexual and they both said they are bisexual as well but I think they are lying because they know nothing about being bisexual and they don’t even know what sweater weather

means. I made a tiktok and i put the caption as “do you listen to girl in red or sweater weather or do you not understand and they put yes in the comments and I was confused because that is the way of asking people if they are Bisexual, lesbian or straight. I feel like they just want to pretend they are either because they feel bad for me or because they think it’s a trend. They can also be really nice at the same time but one of them is the type to run around not listening to you on your road yelling swear words and its just so irritating because she won’t stop doing it and looking into your neighbours garden and sending spam texts at midnight and the other one is the one that says they’re hyper but when they come round they do nothing and just wanna make tiktoks and make sure I tag her for clout and then she doesn’t tag me because she’s “forgetfulL”. I’m kinda sick of hearing them lie because they might just say oh it’s a practical joke but I would just walk away and block their contacts. What should I do?