I haven’t cried in a long time

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I haven’t cried in a long time so I wanted to watch some sad videos to cry to. Soon enough I found a bunch of videos of people coming out and how accepting their families were. And I am bi and I felt so many emotions. I felt so happy and sad and nervous and scared and worried and afraid and I just kept crying and crying and I’m scared my parents or my sister won’t accept me and I’m so scared I don’t know what to do so I’m here talking about it because now I’m mad that this isn’t normal or I’m not considered normal and that I could die because I could be dating a girl and I’m so scared. I watched a video from this word show where they have secret cameras and actors and see what normal people do, and one of the videos were of an actor coming out to their Asian parents and then not accepting him and that just made me so scared because I’m Asian and the video had a montage of other people’s videos where their Asian and they’re saying things like oh being gay and Asian is frowned upon and it’s such a bad thing and that just set me off and this is the most I’ve cried in a long long time. I’m just scared and I know I’m going to do it one day but I’m so scared