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I hear my dad cry late at night.

My dad is a very positive person i'd say, but sometimes I hear him cry very loudly around 4 am in the morning. I have siblings but they are never awake at that time. I am the only one (other than my mother) that knows my father cries at night. i don't know if I should confront my dad about it, or if I should just leave it alone and let my mom take care of it. I love my father a lot, and it breaks my heart hearing him cry and me not being able to do anything about it.

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Re: I hear my dad cry late at night.

I've been in a similar situation, when i was younger, where i woke up because i heard my father crying to himself one night. I was unaware if i should comfort or simply leave him be. I ended up deciding to tuck myself back into bed and listen to the sound of heart breaking weeping until it was silent. I think there is only two options you can take:

  • Go and comfort your dad and remind him he's not alone
  • or
  • Respect his boundaries and allow him to express his feelings to himself. But that doesn't mean you ignore it all together. Make sure you show him your appreciation, how much you love him. Small gestures can mean the world to him.

I hope all things go well!

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Leave him be, the last thing a dad wants is his kids seeing him in vulnerable state, he cries at night so he could be strong for you in the day.

I hope things get better for him

You try to be there for him in other ways and he'll appreciate it so much