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I hope you read this ;(

Someone please talk to me u feel so alone right now and nobody cares. My family favour my other siblings and I know I’ve fckd up in the past but I’ve changed. I really have but they they don’t wanna trust me when I say that. My bf lives all the way in Mexico and I can’t see him and we have an online relationship and we met online. I feel like he’s the only one that can understand me but I don’t wanna be a burden and tell him how sad I am 24/7. I wish I could stop the pain. Self harm is getting more addictive and worse. I just need somebody to give me some advice.

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Re: I hope you read this ;(

Hi, i don't know you, but i care about you, i have social or generalised anxiety (idk which). You won't be a burden to him, it doesn't help anyone by holding it in, tell him everything. Get it off your chest, you won't be a burden to him. My parents don't believe i have anxiety because of the persona i put on. We all have troubles in our lives. I also self harm, i graze my arms and legs with a needle, pluck hairs from my head and i bite skin off my fingers until they bleed. I have recently started wood carving which helps me, because it feels like cutting. I can do wood carving because i know i can trust myself with knives. Please try and find a positive coping mechanism. You could try dripping red food colouring or squeezing an ice cube in your fist. i know how it feels to be filled with pain with no escape. You could use 7 cups, it's an online therapy website/app. Un fortunately i'm too young to use it without parental consent, and my parents don't believe me. i'm not trained to do therapy or anything, but i can relate to you, you can talk to me on here.