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so since i was young i had a doubt on my mother that she's seeing someone else i saw her phone and she's texting someone saying I LOVE YOU BUT THAT'S DEFINETELY MY DAD ' CAUSE MY DAD IS SLEEPING THAT TIME, but i got that off my mind 'cause it's like too impossible. but last year i saw my mom logging into a dummy account and I SWEAR MY DAD DON'T KNOW ANYTHING IN THAT ACCOUNT. but still i didn't mind that. then last week i friggin' saw my mom texting a mysterious number saying that he should reply to herrrrr, i know that is still not my father.. and then earlier i saw a pregnancy test (wrapped with tissue) in our computer table and she's the only one i know who can take it like--- it's impossible that she and my dad is making love we only have a one room, my father is always at work.

im sorry if it's a mess, im just so stressed about this and my exam is tomorrow.