I just dont gaf

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How do you continue to be fake at work day after day without breaking the fuck down. We are taught to be caring and to embrace the customers bs and strap it to our back. Guess what, Idgaf what they are dealing with anymore. They bought into the bs and fell in love with a brand name but we stay fucking up. My goal is to get them the fuck off my line. When I do apologize to their inflated ego having asses I hear "I dont need an apology". If I won the lotto I would go to work and cuss them all out for 8 hours straight and I would say "Fuck you". As soon as I hear "dont give me a apology" I would literally say "Fuck you" you probably have a small dick or a rotten loose pussy and then hang up lol. I literally hate people in general but you have to deal with the SOB's to make a living. I've found my ways to cope which I wont disclose lol. I just wonder if they think I actually give af because I dont. I listen to these mfs whine all day gotdammit I wanna say mf do you need some cheese with your wine? You call in talking shyt thinking were gonna help you? Im gonna transfer your ass and make you start over you bitch. Or ill just fuck up your account worse. Fuck all you grown whining bitches.