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I just dont know

Im tired. I keep asking myself if life gets better? Ive lived through hell ans survived. I do what I need to do for my kids. And I shouldnt think like this. I shouldn't just want to disappear. Im not thw greatest parent but I try my hardest. I get second guessed by my partner and his parents a lot. Im wrong even when im trying to do sometbing rigjt im wrong. I have this nervous tick where I scratch and I dont notice it. I keep having to cover the scratches and make excuses because he already has enough issues without me making them worse. Mt kids are happy thats what matters. Im.drowning. I think I see the light and I get sucked down deeper. I just dont know. I just I just I just keep trying Ane pushing stuff down. I used to write he didnt like it ans would leave my writings when they were in my private notebook alone and bager me when I wrote something sad. I usee to draw he would get mad and we would fight. Im.tired of fighting. Im tired of breathing. Every breath hurts. This year has been hell.losing 2 people all ofna sudden. I just I cant think