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i just feel alone

I don't even know where to begin. i feel like i have so many things wrong with me that no one cares to take the time to see or understand but then again i feel like it's my fault because i can't open up but i feel like if i do no one would take it seriously so i turned to this website instead and i would just feel happy with someone taking the time to read it. but my dad has emotionally and mentally abused me and there was one time he physically abused me my dad used to call me ugly all the time he would tell me i should die and he would say i have no purpose or that i don't matter or he would get really drunk and start arguing with me for no reason and this went on for years and years and he would make me apologize to him for things i didn't do or if i did one wrong thing he made me hate myself so much he made me feel like no one would ever like me or love me theyre just words and i know people have it worse than me but i feel so alone and sad and hurt and i can't bring myself to love myself bc i get constantly reminded of everything my dad said to me when all he had to do was love me and the worst part is my mom would be there every single time and not say anything she would stay quiet or just act like it didn't matter or it wasn't a big deal the only person who cared was my sister but she doesn't live with us anymore bc she couldn't deal with my mom and dad anymore and i don't blame her i would of did the same if i could but i have no friends i have no one to talk to abt these things i have severe depression and anxiety i just want someone to talk to the would understand and care