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I just had to get this out. You don't have to read it :)

I just realized I'm that one friend in my friend group that's just there. They'll all be having fun and I'll watch. They'll be making tiktoks and I'll hold the camera. Whenever I try adding in on a conversation I get talked over so I keep repeating what I'm trying to say until I realize that nobody's going to listen. When I do say something they make weird looks at me like a said something horrible no matter what I said. I feel like I'm always doing things for them and people think I'm a "popular girl." I'm not. I feel like I have no true friends. Nobody likes me and I'm not talking about romantically, but no one likes me that way either. And many people will put things like this and its dramatic because they want attention and their just saying it. It makes me so mad when its actually happening to me. I just had to get this out because I can't tell anybody stuff like this without sounding dramatic.

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Re: I just had to get this out. You don't have to read it :)

Yeah..this happened to me in school days..but now i m confident of shutting down even a crowd of people with my voice .n make them listen to my opinions,views,random talks..

People may or may not give a damn but just go for it speak what you have inside..let the thunder roar...it will be heard..we dont want ny kinda attention..we just want to be hear

Aftr all we have more reasonable talks than those crowded butterflies talking nonsense XD

You deserve a better friends buddy. That is a toxic frienship you got there. You have to love yourself more. Please do not let them continue treating you like that much further. If you can't voice out to them, then leave them. If you afraid to be alone, I'm sorry to say this but everyone is alone. Especially when you get older. But you will eventually become stronger even if you are alone, and then you will found a few cool persons that are your true soulmate & you are gonna be better. You deserve better than them. Wish you all the best~

You dont have to change a thing..the world could change its hearts..

Ya the light buddy go on !!!Yes!! take yaself out..they just keeping you like an add on thing..a utility..just

take charge of your own if they dont change when you confront them on this issue..just move on..life will give you friends that will value you..start valuing ya self and dont let any1 bring you down..it will change your life