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i just have to share this with somebody

you might or might not remember me 

i am the girl who days ago posted about war going on 

every is pretty much the same

because of this situation and homeworks i stress a lot 

my mental health wasnt good and now it just got worse

they started to attack Armenian villages and that means officially war...

minutes ago i was sitting doing my homework and heard sounds of rockets(? if i am naming it right) and thought oh god please let it be just a plane

it was like a plain sound but more loud

in this 4 days every night i had nightmares and dreams about losing people , crying and war

before sep 27 morning that night i saw a war and someone whose son is right now in army.

this is really scary cuz i thought i would never see and experience what my grandfathers did

i want this to end so badly


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Re: i just have to share this with somebody

I’m going to share too much with you. This will hurt me. I’m doing it out of love.

My dad tried to kill me. I watched the people who took me die. Horrible deaths.

I have been shot at. I have watched people die. I’ve seen mangled bodies. I have loved ones deployed. My kids will soon be in the military.

I have been hunted by a bear. I have been in the water with a bull shark.

You are a Christian correct? Where do we go when we die? Heaven. So what do you fear? If they kill you, you goto Heaven.

Be logical. Pack supplies. Stay dressed for fast movement. Wear dark clothes. Look at maps. Where will you go?

Fear is a survival instinct. It’s called fight or flight. Apparently I’m mostly fight. But if the best option I’ll use flight.

God Bless