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Childhood trauma, childhood trauma...thats the only thing the "experts" want to talk about online. How to deal with childhood trauma. What about the rest of us? Horrible things happen in adulthood too. I have ptsd from something that happened 4 years ago when I was 24. And it goes beyond the wildest nightmares of war vets believe me. I just want to know how to cope with long term trauma and triggering other than to "toughen up". Thats not how this works. I have explosions that are completely out of character for me, horrible insomnia, paranoia (I think the starbucks barista is conspiring against me sometimes or I think people are reading my mind) night sweats, intrusive memories...

I had to leave 4 therapists in the course of 1-2 years. I found out two were trump supporters that I cant even bring myself to respect let alone let them know my intimate problems. Another one was the other extreme, super liberal, woo woo new age bullshit, horrible at everything she tried like hypnotherapy. The last therapist I had to leave was this week because she called the cops on me for not wanting to talk to her on the phone...that speaks for itself. Some people would probably be like "you're lucky you can even afford to be so picky" that misses the point entirely. I still go to my psychiatrist even though she is an evangelical nutcase that hangs bible quotes on her wall because our meetings are brief and I only need her to refill prescriptions.