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I just need someone to talk to

idk where to start all i want is someone to talk to but no one ever dose i have no frends and my family other then my dad ignores me and when i get up set all i get told is to man-up dont be a pussy etc so if i feal down or anything i have to keep it to my self but when I try to talk to my mum she is more interested in her phone then me and becuse of it i get told off and shouted at i try talk to my brother but the same issue but he is selling drugs i dont want to tell my dad about my issues becuse he works away all week and I dont want him to worry and my sister always attacks me and my other sister is always working so when I try to talk to anyone I always got snaped at or be threatened to have my head caved in but when I try to talk to my frends the all just stopped being there for me and stopped talking to me i know this is nothing comperd to other pepouls situations as I get told i just need someone to talk to before I kick the bucket and lose eavry thing

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Re: I just need someone to talk to

I understand this, I may not be experiencing the exact same things as you, but I know how hard it is to be lonely and feel completely lost. You deserve attention everyone does and that does not make your feelings any smaller than anyone somebody else's. I wish I could be more help, I wish I could reach out to you personally because I would love to talk to you :) Know this you will someone who listens to you and makes you happy, just wait a little longer and hopefully they will make into your life.