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I just need to vent

Okay so... I've recently taken up an AP psychological class at my school (last grade year). I have 3 AP classes and a pre-calc class. My mother has been planing on going down south to live with my sister for a while now and she wants me, my little sister(7) and my little brother(6). It's just mind boggling that as I listen and take notes in my class- we learn about different forms of manipulation. I mean- I already had an idea, but just seeing it and hearing about it just is so different from the little snip-its hear and there. What I'm trying to say is, my mother is a master emotional manipulator. She wants me to go with her down south and leave everything behind; schooling, job, friends. When I decide to stay and just live with my dad for the remaining school year- she freaks out and tells my little brother and sister; 'she doesn't love you guys...she can't wait to leave you- look at her face" and other manipulative shit like that to them and makes them cry- even my little brother who hates crying (like me). This isn't the first times shes done that- shes been saying shit like that my entire life ... just uuuugggghhhh