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I just needed to tell someone

Im the strong one. The one everyone comes to for a shoulder to cry on. I'm the oldest of 8. I've had to raise my siblings at times because my parents couldn't. Im a mother now and want my son to see me as strong. But between getting cheated on and going through divorce and feeling like ill never have someone to trust enough to be vulnerable around I just can't be strong anymore tonight. I can't stop the tears. I just want a shoulder I can cry on for once.

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Re: I just needed to tell someone

As i sit here and vibe to music, i cant help but to get down on myself about things, we all get there, sending people positive vibes always helps me deal with my own stuff, there will always be someone out there to listen, just know you are beautiful inside and out and things will in fact get better in time. Much love ! Hope I can help even just a little bit. Stay as strong as you can and take care of you! YOU GOT THIS