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I just turned 22

Does anyone else crave for a person to show your love and affection too or is it just me? I’ve tried to talk to many women and I guess I’m just too ugly. Everyone I meet tells me I’m great and that I’m hilarious even my friends tell me that, but I feel that I’m not good enough for anyone as no one has ever liked me back...

Everyone says “there’s a person out there for you” well fuck man where are they at!? Sounds like I’m desperate, but the fact is my feelings have been hurt to many times. After many years of lies and rejections I feel like that barrier I’ve put in front of myself has finally been cracked. It’s like a damn that’s been broken so it’s just waves of emotions that I’m feeling. But guess what. I’ll soon rebuild that wall and move on with my life. That is... being lonely and no one to share feelings.

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Re: I just turned 22

Your right. I’m beautiful. Women still throw themselves at me. But I helped some friends get married. They were shy. Small. Weak. Quiet. Unattractive.

I taught them the basics. Wear nice shirts. Iron them. Wear nice cologne. Breath mints. Mouth wash. Nice hair cut. Shave well. Trim nails. Clean shoes. Women are into appearance. I’ve dated college cheerleaders & a real model (the New York runway types).

Keep your house & residence clean & neat. Don’t cuss around them; save that for sports. Smile.

Women love to talk. Genuinely be interested in what they have to say (even if your not). I’ve talked for hours about wall paper; shoes; dresses.

Never compliment their body. It’s OK to say hey I like your shoes or purse. Once your friends you can say that shirt is a good color on you. Brings out your eyes.

Do not talk about pretty movie stars; sports; fast cars. They are not your bros. Get them talking. Ask about their mom; dad; brother; college classes; whatever. When alone write it in a notebook & memorize it. Then you can say something like how’s your mom Susie; is she feeling better. How’s your dog Pete. Did he like the new chew toy. Get them talking about things they like & keep them talking. Women love to here themselves. They are very emotional. So if they are moody talk less. Maybe apologize & make an excuse to leave.

Look for a simple quiet girl. Easier to please. A friend of mine wanted to date the super fine females I did. I said I can’t make you better looking. Date someone uglier than you. Beauty is skin deep. There are some amazing people who aren’t cute. Find a quiet one others ignore.

I had a 6’8” friend. He was overweight. I found a guilt girl who really liked him. No shit; he turned her down & said she was fat. WTF? He was fat. She was sweet & cute but also chunky.

One friend wanted a hotty. I managed to hook him up with one who endlessly hit on me. Turned out horrible. Later I turned down a hot blond. He wanted to be hooked up. I said man those model looking types are high maintenance. Plus big dudes hit on them so you end up in fights. I trained him & lowered his expectations. He married a shy plain short female. They had kids. They have been married 30 yrs.

But it’s hard no doubt. Never discuss politics or abortion. Always say you don’t vote; have no party or opinion. Your a man. You can’t have kids. So you have no opinion on abortion.

Good places to meet women. Church. Liabrary. Art class. Aerobics. Grocery store. Take a dance class at a local college; or art class. Take aerobics or Pilates. You need a room where there’s a lot of women & a few men. Hey; I was a 285 lb stud & I took that stuff. It works.

If you can become a caring man who happily listens to females talk it eventually works. Stare in their eyes. Not their boobs. Never their vaginas. When dating never ask them home or make the first move. Let them be in charge. For us sex is a fun release. To them it’s very emotional & bonding. So once you have sex your in a relationship.

Never look at another female around them. Train yourself not to stare at boobs & asses.

Don’t look at porn. Don’t talk about nudie movies. Watch Hallmark channel. Those movies are what women want out of men. Talk about those movies. Watch chick flicks. Talk about them. The food network. Learn to cook. Cook extra. Take two bowls to work or college. Start eating one. Offer them the other. Say you cooked it. Can be cookies. Home maid slices of cake. Stew. Whatever they may like. Eat neatly.

Don’t day oh that’s sissy. Dude I’m built like the Rock. I slammed basketballs. Ran touch downs. Hunted. I’m no sissy. I watch my stuff alone. But I watch hallmark too. I cook. I can dress up.

Watch dancing with the stars. You tube dance moves. Learn to dance. When I courted my wife it was the start of hip hop. I could break dance. My wife wasn’t the type. I’d found out she liked The Bee Gees & Grease. So I learned all the dances & songs. I’d pretend to absent mindedly start singing Islands in the Stream; Your the One That I Want; etc. We started meeting at restaurants to eat. In the parking lot she laughed when I sang an Olivia Newton John song. I said I love Grease. I started doing a dance from the movie. She loved it. Then I did the Travolta dance from Saturday Night Fever. She was hooked.

See we are the stronger sex. You want a relationship it’s about their interests & what they like. Just realize; over & over it will fail; till one works. Don’t get mad. Tell them your still friends & politely move on. I had girls break up with me for endless reasons. Dad didn’t like me. Was wrong Church. No future. Too childish. Happens to us all. But if you marry it’s a lifetime of courting them. I got a disease & became introverted. 35 yrs now I’m single. But we are dating again & best friends. She calls me to come hold her sometimes. Just hold her. So it’s not over. Life is a daily challenge. Good luck. God Bless