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I just want pain to stop

I am really f*cking tired of my life.And I just want everything to end,cuz it hurts so fucking much.

My life is a bad joke,you know its bad when your own mother hates you,and she is the one that brought you to this world.You dad dont give a shit and every time you try to tell them that you are not okay,that you need help.They make you feel like its your fault,that you are the reason why you are feeling that way.You are so f*cking sad and depressed that you cant even cry because there is no tears left in your eyes.Your soul is broken and chrused,heart is just...I am not sure is it still in my chest.it feels like world would be way better without you,like everyone would feel so mich better if they dont jave that one broken and f*cked up member of their life.I would kill myself,but I cant even do that.I am f*cking scared.Scared of hell,haven,scared of them being happy without you.So I just sit,alone in the dark and think about how they broke me and left without comment.