I just want someone to hear my feelings

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About a week ago my mom kept throwing up and a blood vessel in her eye sorta popped and she had to go to the hospital. The doctors said she has high blood pressure caused by stress and that the situation was so bad that she could have ended up with life threatening conditions. My mom is a great person she always took care of us like a mom should she made sure we had enough food and time to chill and relax and not be stressed. But now I feel so stupid for not knowing how stressed out she’s been I feel like such a horrible daughter. My mom was going through horrible things and all I was doing was eating well and not worrying about a thing. I could have done something to help yet I just sat around. I feel so much regret. Whenever I hug my mom I’d always say I love you first but recently she’s saying it first and saying it as if she’s going to die. I just don’t want her to think that way. It’s like she already lost hope and is just telling me ily as much as possible it makes me so sad but angry. Me and my siblings are helping around the house more and I just hope everything will turn out okay.

I don’t wanna tell my friends about my situation idk why, I just don’t feel comfortable talking about sad things. Usually I tell my best friend everything even some sad things but for some reason I can’t bring myself to tell her about my mom. So I thought maybe I’ll be more comfortable talking about this anonymously. I’m not really looking for replies I really just wanted to vent this out.