i just want to love

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how does someone simply exist knowing that they will never be accepted because of the person/people they choose to love? why does me gaining happiness from a beautiful soul have to come with so much hate. why cant my own mother love me for loving someone different. im finding it so difficult right now to find a purpose. i cant understand this. i am being hidden and punished because i choose to love differently. i dont fit in with what society has decided to be 'normal'. loving someone the same gender as you isn't a crime and it never should be. who are you to tell someone what they are doing is wrong when it isn't harming anyone? you would rather see someone miserable and hidden rather than happy right? how does a parent decide that they will not support their own child, the being they carried for 9 months and ideally gave uncoditionall love to throughout, that they are no longer loved. when does that love stop? i dont know how much longer i have left but the time i do have, i just wish to teach people that loving someone the same gender as you isn't sinister. it isn't wrong. it's perfectly normal. i hope as human beings we soon start to understand each other. it's okay if you cant understand but please let me explain it. i choose who i love. i shouldn't be hated or attacked for it. so please, just simply love each other and understand. - anonymous

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