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I just want to love myself.

I’ve always knew I was different. I was never attracted to the boys my friends would melt over. I didn’t see what they saw. I knew deep down that I was Lesbian but I’m never came out until my junior year in high school. Of course my mom just pushed it under the rug and it was like I never came out at all. She forces me to wear clothes I don’t feel comfortable in. She shamed me for wanting to dress more masculine and having more masculine features. She always says, “ are you trying to be a dyke?!?” She doesn’t understand how much her words hurt be and make me suppress how I feel everyday of my fucking life. I cry a lot without anyone seeing. I feel so empty and hidden. I can’t be who I am and what don’t know how much longer I can live like this. I don’t see anything wrong with who I am and what I want to wear. But I can’t escape, I’m trapped.

Trapped inside this never ending emptiness that eats at my soul.