I just want to make it happen

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So I got this dream literally the only reason I get up from bed like for real I think about it 24/7 I just want to give my entire family the life they all deserve but sometimes I feel pressured by time since of my family members r getting old I’m 17rn almost 18 n literally from the moment I wake up to the moment I sleep I try to do everything to peruse that dream it’s just I don’t know if I’ll make I don’t have any guidance to know if I’m on the right path… but I just want em to live a better life to go out shopping n don’t care about prices to eat whatever they feel like eating n not what they’re able to, to have their entire day to enjoy life n not to just work don’t get me wrong they really overcame life n got a period of their life where they were earning quite a decent amount of money… but recently due to some bad choices n covid they have to wake up early again n work all day, n it would be disrespectful if I don’t work at least twice as hard as the are so I can take em out to a safer country n just live life….