I just want to meet him, but I’d be worth it?

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I’ve been talking to this guy for over 3-4 months now, it happened around this summer and I took interest in him since, he followed me

so I made a further move, because I was curious and then he snapped me, anyway, we started convos and we talked so often that I enjoyed it.

he told me all his interests, the secrets, and worries. We went further and started flirting, then to calls and I was blushing at this point. We never planned to meet up and he respected that, and always reassured me but then recently, he just stopped. He said he didn’t want a relationship and we could just be friends, after all of our deep conversations, HIM admitting he liked me, which led me to finally admit it too. And ofc after I admit it, he just wanted to be “friends”.

I was planning to meet up with him but then he said all of that and now Idk what to think or do anymore, I just want to see him but I know that’ll mess me up even more.

thank u to anyone who helps :)

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