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I just want to meet him, but I’d be worth it?

I’ve been talking to this guy for over 3-4 months now, it happened around this summer and I took interest in him since, he followed me

so I made a further move, because I was curious and then he snapped me, anyway, we started convos and we talked so often that I enjoyed it.

he told me all his interests, the secrets, and worries. We went further and started flirting, then to calls and I was blushing at this point. We never planned to meet up and he respected that, and always reassured me but then recently, he just stopped. He said he didn’t want a relationship and we could just be friends, after all of our deep conversations, HIM admitting he liked me, which led me to finally admit it too. And ofc after I admit it, he just wanted to be “friends”.

I was planning to meet up with him but then he said all of that and now Idk what to think or do anymore, I just want to see him but I know that’ll mess me up even more.

thank u to anyone who helps :)

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Re: I just want to meet him, but I’d be worth it?

Maybe you should tell him how you feel. Maybe he wanted to meet up too but got tired of waiting? Or maybe he found a partner irl?

Either way, it can’t hurt to be honest and tell him you’d be willing to meet, and you want to be more than friends. Then he knows that you’re interested. Though you’d have to follow through on actually planning a meetup, which can be hard.


I read this i and im pretty puzzled as well :/

If i was in your place prolly i would go and meet him..cos what we generally chat online doesn't sound like what you mean....for ex. when your'e listening to what someone says you say '' hmm '' but the person reading it may misinterpret that and it sounds like you're bored...and when it comes to the matters of the heart i guess people usually lash out or withdraw themselves and start feeling uncomfortable.

It may have happened and im sure this is the reason. MISUNDERSTANDING. Cos once he told that he likes you there's no way outta the ''attraction'' thing. So i bet he likes you but some kinda uncomfy feeling that's gonna be fixed once you meet him for real...and then he's gonna forget all those thoughts and he's gonna ask you to spend more time. Im def sure. Just tell him that you wanna meet him and see how he's doing. Get somethin nice for him like a cologne or somethin.

That's case one.

The other reason maybe he's just a little unconfident..prolly a little nervous and stuff ya know...but PLEASE do meet him.

Im a little curious how this goes and it would be nice if you could update it on here.......btw im the person who cries at weddings