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I just want to quit life

Today I felt like giving up on life cause I have been juggling depression,anxiety,and stress my whole life there are so many other reasons why I want to give up like I have been bullied everyday, having to be like the person the world wants me to be, constant fights, stress from school, Dressing up to pretend, faking my emotions every single day, and many more.No one knew that I felt the most pain cause how I wear a mask to always fake my emotions and also i regret giving my all to my crush who shattered my heart into pieces even tho that happened I still like...I am the one who felt sorry for him.This is just a few things why I want to give up on life. If anyone out there that can convince me to not quit..maybe end my life... thank you cause I just wanted a person who can understand me. I just want people to know I I felt about myself. Yeah I have no self love and low self esteem. Thank you for listening.

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Re: I just want to quit life

I recently did something that I can't admit. I cant write it down and i cant say it. No one can ever know what I did because if anyone finds out they'll....they should throw me in jail for what i've done. My nerves are going crazy. Even my hands are shaking as i'm typing this. after i did the thing suicidal thoughts came flooding, this isn't the first time iv had them and i'm sure it won't be the last. its just i hate feeling that feeling. y'know, anxiety. how it feels like a 200 pound weight in the pit of my stomach that's slowly moving up to my chest and the head. I'm just sick of not being able to control my impulses, not having enough courage to tell the truth and tell people how I really feel.

i'm going to see my therapist next monday and i'm going to tell her. I understand that she'll have to tell my parents and i'm okay with that.

getting help will save my life.


I am really sorry for how you are feeling, I felt this way a lot of times, but i started to think differently..I felt sad, I had mixed feelings about literally eveything i did, I wasn't sure of myself and the actions I did. I started working out, so I didn't have much time to overthink and be sad. I maked sure I am busy most of the time. I started feeling good about myself.

If you're a girl as I understood, try and put some make up on and get ready.. That will make you feel good about yourself, dance, turn the music on and you'll see how fast It'll change. I think you shouldn't care what others think, because people on this world are most of the time only thinking about themselves.. There will always be somebody who thinks he/she is better than everyone, but remember-bullies are never gonna be better, because their actions show that they are so insecure that they have to put others down.. I know It's hard, but it is never too late to start a new chapter.. You shouldn't care about others, because the priority is you, and only you.

Try to always think positive even if It's not possible. Every thing has It's good and bad side. You are perfect the way you are and don't try to quit life, because It's beautiful-if you make it beautiful. Don't stress too much, because It's not worth it. You came to this world, you were born and you live now with a purpose, even if you can't find it sometimes.. If you want to change you gotta start somewhere and that starts with you.

Try to think you are in a movie, persons, that are around you (in school, at home, outside) are just the side actors who play in the movie, but the person who rules the movie is you...You are the priority, delete and block the negative people out of your life and accept only the ones that help you no matter how hard it is..

Always remember that the person who is always going to be there for you is only you and nobody else. You live with yourself..People come and go, but in the end you'll always have yourself. Hug yourself at night before you go to sleep and tell yourself that you love YOU..

I really hope I helped..If not I at least tried :))

Hello there, You seem like a rly sweet person I'm really sorry that your finding your current life situation unclear at the moment, But please listen that this phase will go away and everything will run smoothly even if the path doesn't seem clear right now. Despite me not knowing you well I firmly believe deep down it's not that you want to quit your life but you'd rather wish you was living a different life. Being Human I can relate that I have experienced some bad days especially at school (with bullying, boy drama etc) which made me feel awful, but Once I remembered that 'I am the main character of my life.' the way I thought/mindset changed my life for the good. the truth that keeps me motivated is that the bad days comes as challenges to strengthen us individuals to face reality. Those sad times you faced will become somebody's medicine for advice/help, your knowledge can help people just like me trying to help you, turn your weaknesses into strength :), You may feel all of these strong sad emotions but pls know for fact that they are only temporary, my advice is to focus on your mindset more than your emotions, somebody will move backwards in life if they allow their emotions to control their life, it's like giving a toddler a car to drive, That person will only move forward if they are focused on building their mindset, their personal growth will attract their lifestyles. So remember you are special, don't underestimate your worth, you are the main character of your life, you have control of yourself believe and maintain it well, time to claim your crown. make your family name stand big.

More of my advice:

  • Continue to be honest on how you feel .
  • (whatever you want, you must show dedication for example: If want to be surrounded by happy people, then you must continue send that happy/positive/good energy to attract it.)
  • If a person is bullying, just remember that no happy person goes around spoiling other people's day, they must hold hurt within themselves so want the best for them.
  • Continue to Love yourself, your beauty requires consistent selfcare <3
  • when you next speak to someone and your discussing plans, speak what you want into existence, act as if you have it just don't lie ofc lol ( You are boss, shows you have big plans)
  • If you like music, listen to the instrumentals of your favourite songs ( I find this refreshing while I draw, dance and work, so maybe it can help you)
  • If you ever feel down tell yourself ' nobody can ruin my day I am the main character, anything is possible, anything can change this is my story.'
  • Ignore the obstacles/people don't bother acknowledge their existence if they bringing no value and happiness into your life, you don't have time to waste your standards are high.
  • Remain positive ALWAYS

  • There are a lot of nice motivational channels and videos you can watch on youtube which are rly helpful and interesting

e.g Jay Shetty, Sadhguru, Dhar Mann, Goalcast etc I recommend

I know this might sound basic but remember in every movie there is a main character.... this your life, you are the main character

I rly hope this was useful and helped, i'm not a qualified therapist or teacher but a person with good knowledge who wants to help.

And there are more people like me who care, even though the earth is small compared to other planets there is around 7 billion people on this earth, I would 100% take time out of my day for you again, Thanks for your time. :)