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I just want to talk

But I have nobody to talk to. I'm sad, depressed, lonely, really short tempered and am having a hard time functioning day to day. I sit here in a office, alone all day and try not to cry....

I'm married, have 2 incredible teenagers, a career, but this fucking pandemic has changed people. Has changed me. I don't like it.

I just want to feel......something

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Re: I just want to talk

I hear you . It’s very stressful . Constantly thinking anyone you love or even urself can get it . The world is shut down even though business are open. Morale is low. I go out to shop and less then an hour later I’m home. I can’t even find enjoyment in even shopping. The bright side and it’s a big bright side is that you have to healthy incredible teenagers who are t giving you a hard time . LiKe mom always says ” this too shall pass”. I sure as a bit hope so. Sincerely, crying with you