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I just wanted to be happy.

Funny how a person whom i called my "bestfriend forever" forgot my name after not talking for a few months.

All my friends left me one by one...just because...i don't know. Was I not cool enough?

I had always been kind to them...i was always there for them. But they weren't there for me...ever. Well actually...I'm happy to be alone rather than being with such selfish and stupid people.

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Re: I just wanted to be happy.

As long as you are understanding and loving yourself ,it doesnt matter at all..

I too lost many friends for the past two years and ended up having two friends ( though im not really sure if they are gonna stay permanant.) But all i i know no matter who's gonna stand by me i am and i'll be there for myself..

Try to find peace in being alone..i can assure you its the best feeling anyone can ever have..Find happiness in your own company..