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"I know a different you"

My far far away happy hormone i miss you every day..

Why u jst gone away ...

Uk what is the best natural way to boost a happy hormone..

Just spend sometime in sunshine..

Sunshine can be a person..his presence

In my case his "attitude" also..

I pushed u away due to thinga i was going through..

I didn't want u to see as someone who's weak and worthless..i knw i should have come to you earlier and explained about wht my problem is..

But this anxiety made me believe that it was best to just push you away so that o wouldn't have to deal with losing a "gem" like you..

There have been so many nights i wanted to call you because i was suffering from panic attacks.. having bad nights continue..

You never judged me for who i am

I am too tired but if I'm distant or rude i am sorry.. it's so not me uk that right?

You was nothing to me 6 months ago..

But love happen unexpectedly sometimes u fell in love with your confident that was you..at that time...

I am gamophobic i accept that..when u approaced for a relationship foe something serious i just ran away..from you..

Because i don't wanna hurt you ever..

My mind is a. Mess and i feel so misunderstood and frustrated i cry alit and breakdown quite often..i can't control it even when i try..

I wasn't there for hurting you

Everyone thinks that i am good at casual dating..but i am much more thn a party girl..i am much more than a blunt bubbky girl..i also have emotions..

When it comes to you..i just scrwed everything..

I never let anyone knws who i really am..

I miss you..

I miss your smile..your laugh..your "eggjactly"

I haven't meet u yet..nd from now I think you never gonna see me.. because u think i was the one..who ruined love for you..

By saying the harsh reality that i can't hurt you by being in a relationship with you i became the unwanted villain of your movie

You came to my life as an unwelcome face

Not every knwing your presence i would one day embrace

I love the special bond we beautifully shared in those 2months..

From a complete stranger to an important part of me..❣️