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I know I'm not crazy they are too obvious. I know how to analyze couples.🧐😌😳😨

My parents are a couple and in a relationship that includes sex or just cuddling, kisses, hugs. But they are so obvious I tell you and I'm writing this at 11:12 pm yup late that's why they have bags under their eyes and my dad isn't just tired of work. Yes I know they made me and my older sister but hearing them and not getting enough sleep is a no-no for me😱😭🀒 I was doing better on online school bitch. I'm sorry but I'm gonna cuss. but I'm gonna go check if my mom will believe this Like im gonna say 'mom I'm scared I had a nightmare please let me sleep here" or I can just stay and listen till I fall asleep with music or just listen to them as free straight porn but Nah you do that not me bye peace.