I know, it's just funny when you think about it.

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It's just funny when you think about it. Woman leaving her job, her 4 kids, the house EVERYTHING, to go live in 1 room student place. Nothing to look forward to, not much to do. BUT STILL, even cornered with NOTHING Left to lose, she gonna risk it ALL, just to keep "Control".

I mean, at this point... It's either PRIDE or INSANITY... I'm hesitating which one it is. That's ok, I have my house, was able to get back some of the money with her shit. And I've made a few more friends. But that woman will always impress me of what she's ready to sacrifice just for control... NPD right? :)

And I don't get that woman, so dedicated to her. Like she's a DOG... Literally, I'm sorry... You are loyal dog, that will do every tricks possible to please her master in the hope of some bread crumps falling from the table.

You REMEMBER me, EXACTLY like My EX that suited me. See, I've split TWICE with her. First time? She put her 2 kids in apartments, SOLD her entire house and EVERY single belonging in it. Left her job. All THIS, so she can go sailing with me. We had an argument the day BEFORE she take the airplane. I was at the airport, SHE never showed up. But I was there, she was NOT. 

Has the bridge was closing for the winter, I left with the boat. Meet someone else along the way few weeks later. And that was it. How a woman LOST everything, cause her PRIDE was more important than her entire fucking life.

Same REASON why she suited me... 3 years later STILL running after me, and DROVE across the country for a SECOND chance.
Screw it UP, she cheated with her ex. Got CAUGHT, was pissed I've pushed her away. So she SUIT me to get my attention.

I could see you that EXACT same thing. You remember me of her. And you know what happen when the lawsuit was over? She sent me a 6 pages love letter proclaiming her love. I told her to go fuck herself...