I know more worrying problems out there

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I know there is I put it to back of my mind as worries me the most I have to shut my mind off from it and I know a lot of peoples aniexty is extreme because of what has been going on in world I know my self worries are not important at this time I know this I don’t even know why I talk about it I think it’s just something I need to get out I am scared for my future no job don’t know if will get one a suitable one I know other things in world I don’t have power to help I am trying to stay focused and positive I have been doing things to keep going I have not given up since the one time I hit rock bottom since having my son I have kept going I am never going to give up I know I have enough I am grateful for what I have just so fed up keeping my thoughts to my self I can’t write them down I don’t want family knowing what I am feeling as I know things not safe and know they will read as same as using diary app on my phone people go on my phone