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I know what this website soul function is. And its not to be annonoms to the the team who use it. But in hopes im freee from this torment read and take the curse

Gods has a supreme role he fulfills, we all have a clock over our head nobody can see the clock nobody can see the time it started nobody knows when it will stop. Nobody ever will. Or where we go when that clock goes out, but if one could play God if somebody could determine that clock and when started; ended - where they went. Would one not"be playing God's ultimate" if I we're so very infatuated with you for example- your whole life since I've known you I have been infatuated with every last thing you do oh, you wear, you eat, where you go, your entire living routine, everything about you I live and I breathe would do anything you say. And it doesn't even specifically Drive from a physical sexual attraction, a crush, and or lust For You but just an infatuation with no derogative which God would see as idolizing. Which is a sin that offends God. Therefore it is not of God and was not created by God. And that was used, manipulated if you will to an advantage that went as far as me being a servant do your every command just to please you. to do whatever you would ask me. Even take a life of another human being see then, I would become a sinner who already had this ungodly longing of infatuation toward you that was not something man-made intentional that I brought upon myself, something that I asked for to say the least. On top of this newfound lethal obedience to you and there's things progressed on taking my own life due to something as simple as a comment you made. "You shouldJump off a  bridge" but knowing that in itself would be the very thing i would do. Is our god then not a forgiving god Andrea. Would he forgive you if you asked him. Deep down inside and really ment it. If you had a rapest. And said to a judge i wish he was found and killed. So someone did so would the lord not forgive u for that? So then you are God. Only taking a life, sending souls to hell. And you are yet forgiven, you are forgiven and heaven awaits. Yet you took the rolls of god