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I let her do it.

I just need to get this out my chest.

You wanna know something sad about my past relationships? I let my mother control them. She gets access to my accounts and chat them for days, weeks, months and when it depends, years.

She's also the reason why they end with them saying I did something wrong - thus, making me feel like I wasn't doing good enough, and that I was worthless - even though I didn't do any of the mistake they said I made.

And until now, I still do it. I still let her do it.

Help me, what should I do.. she's a hard person to try and talk to. You think I haven't tried?

Maybe I should just let it happen? Maybe she'll get tired of it?

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Re: I let her do it.

No she won't she's living through you... Vicariously ... Is your father involved, make it known that you don't approve of the behavior anymore. Make it known that it's happening and change your passwords. If she has a problem, then assuming you're old enough seek a counselor who an be a mediator .

Privacy should not have to be asked for if you are an adult , even if you're not a level of trust has to be established or you'll never have a healthy relationship with your mother or partners . Unless , you make your partner aware of the situation before hand. So they understand .. again change your passwords, stand your ground you deserve a PERSONAL LIFE outside your mother too