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I like pineapples on pizza, but there's a twist you would never believe!!!!!!!!!!

I like pineapples on pizza very much. All I ever dream of is pineapple pizza with extra pineapples on it. It can have no meat, no sauce, no cheese, but please put a shit ton of pineapples on that MF and I'll eat it like my life depended on it. And in fact it does, because you see... I'm actually allergic to pineapples, if I eat at least one slice, I'll experience so much pain, that medics will have to put me into a medically induced coma for like a week. But you see, the anasthetics they give you make me so high, and I fear that I might be addicted to that feeling. So please, just give me pineapple pizza.

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Re: I like pineapples on pizza, but there's a twist you would never believe!!!!!!!!!!

I love pineapple on pizza too so did my ex gf and she was allergic too with annoyed me becuse she would hit punch slap kik me becuse if I tried to eat it she would just get man becuse she could not and it was me apparently rubbing it in

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