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I like sex

hey there im just venting my frustration i like sex even tho i have only slept with one person i have ever since loved sex like i could get kinky hard medium or soft core i am open to anything I know this is Cleishae but I realy want to try anal and get with a girl with a tight p*ssy but i don't know how to talk to girls so if anyone could give me some advice thank you .....Im not a creep or i would never force anything i just i would have to clarify that becuse i dont want some pepoul to thinks something like that about me

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Re: I like sex

You've spammed this place with your incredibly lame message, and so I am giving you the only response that you deserve.

Look, 15-year-old kid, no girl is going to be interested in you when all you are interested in is tight pussy. Sorry, that's just a fact.

So maybe try a different tactic to try to get girls to show interest in you. Perhaps you could talk about music, television, movies or something. Maybe if you had some common interests with girls, they might pay attention to you.